Learning & growing together

Godly Play &
Children’s Church

During the 10am Sunday service, there are a few ministries especially for children. After the first hymn, children go to their group in the Rainbow Centre, rejoining the congregation after the prayers in time to take their place beside their parents at Holy Communion.

Godly Play

Godly Play is a group for Pre-Schoolers and children in Years K-2 at school. Godly Play is an imaginative approach to telling Bible stories using the Montessori method of teaching. Children are encouraged to wonder, to explore and to create.

Children’s Church

If you are in Years 3-6 this group is for you! We discuss Bible stories and themes, and then make, create and play games in response.

What to expect

Children’s Ministries

Are children welcome at Holy Covenant?

We welcome children at Holy Covenant, and have a very active and vibrant program for involving and supporting children and their families in our church community.

Where do the Children go during the 10am service?

After the first hymn, children go to their group in the Rainbow Centre across from the Church. They will then rejoin the congregation after the prayers in time for Holy Communion.

Does Children's Church run during holidays?

Godly Play and Children’s Church do not run during the school holidays. Both resume the Sunday after school goes back each term.

What if my children are noisy during the service?

We like children and their families to feel comfortable, and there is no need to feel embarrassed if your child cries, laughs, talks or sings — as children do! We provide a rug and cushions, along with colouring materials, where young children (and sometimes their parents) often enjoy sitting and being quietly active during the service.

Can my child partake in Holy Communion?

Holy Communion is one of the sacraments of the Christian Church — a practice that remembers a special meal that Jesus shared with his friends and followers. If you wish your child to receive Holy Communion, please talk to our rector.

We offer simple preparation for children who wish to receive Holy Communion. Usually this happens when children are seven, but it can be earlier. Small children are also welcome at the altar to receive a blessing.

Who can I contact about Children's Ministries?

Feel free to email holycovenantkids@gmail.com or call the office on (02) 6251 6100.